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Weekly Update

Minimum Wage Events: Join us on Saturday, March 15th for a $15 for Seattle Coalition March/Rally, 1 p.m. at Judkins Park (2150 S Norman St, Seattle). The march will end at Seattle Central Community College. Please join the movement by marching with MLKCLC! As the Washington State Labor Council’s on-line newspaper, The Stand, said it, “Winning $15 in 2014 will require everyone’s active participation. We will never be able to outspend business, but we have something far more powerful than money, we have the people power.”

Listen to KUOW’s recent radio interview with David Freiboth and other local labor leaders about our collective challenges and next steps.

“The minimum wage is an important issue but it’s not a labor issue.” I’ve heard variations of that statement for years. I can follow the logic, but, with respect, it misses the point. With all the talk about the vanishing “middle class” in this country, the labor movement has understandably been frustrated when solutions to the problem rarely, if ever, mention the importance of collective bargaining. With the lingering effects of the Great Recession, that may be changing.

Visit the WDC’s site to use their innovative calculator to determine how much it really costs to meet all your family’s basic expenses, based on your unique family make-up and where you live.